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Boulders Cafe- Recharge after a good climb

Recently, we were asked to review Boulder’s Cafe located inside Boulder’s Climbing Centre in Pengam Green. We work with all food businesses and we are asked to review many cafes but I was quite surprised with this request. For one I didn’t know they had a cafe and two, it seems an unlikely place to go for food unless you are already there climbing but nevertheless, we went along to find out.

I had never been to Boulder’s before so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I imagined that the cafe would be quite separate to the climbing area, maybe with a window or platform that you could view the walls from, however, they were very much hand in hand.

The cafe area is large but it doubles up to be an area that climbers use to get changed and wait in for their turn on the wall. It seemed very social and full of people but it was quite difficult to find somewhere to sit that wasn’t dominated by people putting equipment on.

We did manage to find a seat and quickly reserved it with our coats while we went to the display counter to choose some food. Boulder’s are obviously making an effort with their food and I’m sure they do great business from climbers and spectators. The food looked good and there were a range of choices from baguettes, pasties and pizzas to more substantial meals and a nice range of cakes and sweet treats.

Mr V and I decided to taste the meal options. I had the Spanish stew with chorizo and cous cous and Mr V had a tomato and pasta bake with salad and tortilla chips. Both were £3.95 which we thought was very reasonable. To accompany our meals we both had a coffee.

Service was what you would expect. People ordered at the counter and waited for their food and then helped themselves to condiments including milk and sugar for drinks. However, as we had ordered hot meals, they were brought over to us. Staff were friendly and efficient but the cutlery needed a bit of a wipe over.

The meals were well thought out but I would be tempted to go for a sandwich next time because the meals obviously needed to be heated for each person and mine was hot in places but cold in the middle. The sandwiches looked good with some interesting fillings and there was also an extensive list of smoothies on offer. I wouldn’t advise people to come here just for the food but if you are at Boulders climbing, you have the added bonus of a nice cafe with a greater range of food than you might expect.

I can’t give Boulder’s a green spoon overall because of the categories we use to rate. I wouldn’t choose to visit Boulder’s for a meal unless I was climbing but the cafe is appropriate for the environment. If you are a climber or with someone who is climbing, it’s a good option but the food will always be secondary as the primary reason people come here is to climb. In my opinion it would also be better if the cafe area was further removed from the climbing area as trying to eat with people standing all around you putting on climbing gear is not pleasant. However, if you are also there to climb, this may be less of an issue.

My last mouthful was: The Spanish stew with chorizo and cous cous


Atmosphere and decor-

Quality of food-

Diversity of menu-

Value for money-

Overall rating- 

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Jaspers Tea Rooms – This little gem will appeal to everyone!

Last week I met Mrs J and baby E for a spot of lunch at Jaspers Tea Rooms in Llandaff. I really like Llandaff and there are some lovely places on the High Street so Jaspers is in an excellent location. It seems to pick up customers from local schools and businesses, people strolling round the Cathedral grounds and regular customers.

I’m not surprised it’s popular. With lots of tea rooms and places selling home-made cakes, Jaspers has managed to be quirky and welcoming but still very traditional, appealing to all ages. We dined amongst families, elderly couples and young groups of friends.

You enter Jasper’s through what looks like a small shop, greeting you with homemade cakes and other delicious bakes. The counter where your orders are taken is here but you walk through another door to find a seat if you are eating in. From outside it looks as though it is quite small at first glance but it is in fact a series of small cottages knocked through. It’s very quirky as you have to walk through each room to get to the next one and each one is laid out differently.

When we arrived it was very busy and we took the last table in the first room. It was a lovely homely room with wooden beams, old wooden tables and chairs and a fire-place with a large old-fashioned mantel piece. The walls were adorned with sketches of Llandaff.  The next room was along the same lines but smaller with a different theme of art work leading onto the next room. The last two rooms had a slightly more modern feel and were more relaxed with photos of Llandaff on the walls and some comfy chairs and newer furniture.

Despite being rushed off their feet, staff were very friendly and we were welcomed and told that if we took a seat, they would bring us through a high chair for baby E. It didn’t feel crowded and the noise levels were just right. We occupied baby E and then had a look at the menu.

I was impressed by the choice on offer. As well as sandwiches, baguettes and jacket potatoes, there was a specials board of light meals and even gluten-free sandwich options which is always good. On top of the cakes that could be chosen at the counter, there was also a selection of afternoon tea options which were very appealing and reasonably priced. They even had a children’s menu which included babycinnos (frothy milk and mallows). Adorable!

I couldn’t resist the afternoon tea so I chose the Traditional Afternoon Tea which came on a three-tiered stand with a selection of sandwiches, a homemade scone with jam and cream and a selection of cakes with a pot of tea. All for £10.95. Mrs J went for a sausage baguette which was served with salad and crisps and a cappuccino (we shared the cakes, I promise!)

Even though it was busy, our food and drinks arrived promptly and we were very impressed. My afternoon tea was beautifully presented and seriously tasty! I had salmon and cream cheese and ham and mustard sandwiches. All came with the crusts neatly cut off and a generous helping of filling. The salmon was lovely and I am baffled as to how Jaspers managed to make a ham and mustard sandwich taste so good!

The jam that accompanied the scone was delicious with huge chunks of strawberries and there was a decent amount of jam and cream which I like to see! The afternoon tea also came with a traditional victoria sponge and a homemade biscuit. Both were very nice.

I felt bad that I had such a spread and Mrs J had a baguette but it was a very very good baguette. Warm and toasted nicely, the crunchy bread gave way to sausage and the most wonderful sweet chutney. We ended up sharing both.

I really enjoyed my visit to Jaspers. It’s right up my street and I will definitely be back. It’s not often you find somewhere that your gran would love but that you could also visit with a group of friends.

My Last Mouthful was: The sausage baguette


Atmosphere and decor-

Quality of food-

Diversity of menu-

value for money-

Overall rating-

Coffee A Go Go! For lunch on the run

St Andrew’s place is now home to a new take away cafe- Coffee A Go Go! Owned by those who own the Promised Land and Deli A Go Go, I had little doubt that I was going to enjoy this new offering when I visited last week.

It looks great from the outside, similar to Deli A Go Go which reinforces the brand but Coffee A Go Go has a real trendy feel to it. It’s very nicely laid out and looks very smart but it also feels very laid back with chatty and friendly staff dressed casually in Coffee A Go Go t-shirts and hoodies. I think it will appeal to students and people working in the area alike. Off the main drag, it’s a bit hidden but I think that once people get to know it’s there they will be back.

Recently opened, Coffee A Go Go are still in the early stages of trading and have lots of plans. I enjoyed chatting to the friendly enthusiastic staff about what is to come. At the moment, you can pick up sandwiches and soup and some lovely looking cakes but in the future they are planning to add other things to menu including jacket potatoes and homemade scotch eggs. All food is currently made on the premises apart from the cakes which are made at home by the manager.

Mr V opted for a sandwich of beetroot and goats cheese which was toasted for him while we waited. I wanted to try the broccoli and Stilton soup but unfortunately we arrived a bit late and being popular it had sold out. I decided to indulge my sweet tooth instead and tried the carrot cake which was very good. Soft, moist with a light icing- yum! There was also a Guiness cake on offer and some cupcakes which I will try another time. There was also a good selection of drinks on offer. Mr V had an Americano and I had a latte.

I think Coffee A Go Go will do well. Drinks and food are competitively priced and there is obviously more to come. I wish them the best of luck!

My Last Mouthful was: Carrot Cake


Atmopshere and decor-

Quality of food-

Diversity of menu-

Value for money-

Overall rating

Deli A Go Go- A must go for your foodie treats!

Guest review by Mrs. J

When I was asked to review Deli a GoGo I was very excited as I love my food and I’m always happy to try somewhere new. Deli a GoGo is situated on the busy Whitchurch High Street by the crossroads. When you enter you firstly come to the delicatessen which is full of a wide variety of tasty treats. They have a selection of olives, sun dried tomatoes and stuffed peppers which you can help yourself to or grab one of the pre packed boxes. They have an even bigger selection of cheeses both from Wales and around the world. The staff are extremely helpful and are happy to cut the cheese to a smaller size if there isn’t any available the size you want.

If olives and cheese aren’t your thing, they also have meats, wines, oils, homemade chutney, sandwiches, cakes and plenty of other food for sale. As I visited Deli a GoGo the week before Christmas they also had food hampers for sale that looked like they would be a welcome gift to any food lover. I would be really happy to unwrap one as a gift!

When you walk through the delicatessen you come to the café. The café is a small cosy area with simple white painted walls and wooden tables and chairs. It’s quite a small seating area and space is tight so it isn’t ideal if you have a puchchair as I found out. There wasn’t much space to leave the pushchair where it wasn’t in everyone’s way so if you have a baby, you should bear this in mind.

It’s a nice place to meet for a coffee as they have a huge selection of hot drinks available. I went for the Baileys latte and Mrs V chose the chocolate chai latte. We both agreed our drinks were delicious and creamy and a good price. They were very generous with the Baileys in my latte and both drinks came nicely presented with an Amoretti biscuit.

We couldn’t decide what to have for lunch so we went for the dish of the day – chargrilled vegetable pie and a dolcelatte, walnut and honey salad and shared them both.  The pie was full of courgettes, aubergines, peppers, tomatoes and came with a salad garnish. The dolcelatte, walnut and honey salad was very tasty.

The prices were extremely reasonable with sandwiches even cheaper than some of the pre packed ones you get at supermarkets.

I’m a big fan of independent shops and eateries and Deli a GoGo is a winner in my book. If you’ve got time to stop and eat great, but if not, treat yourself to some cheese and wine to enjoy at home.

My last mouthful was: The Baileys Latte


Atmosphere and Decor-

Quality of food-

Diversity of menu-

Value for money-

Overall Rating-

The Pot Cafe- A modern version of Grandma’s!

The Pot Cafe on Crwys Road is somewhere that I have been meaning to go for a long time now but I just haven’t got around to it. I see the specials flash up on Twitter every now and again and they always look so good so on a recent day off, Ben and I thought lunch was in order!

The Pot is a quirky little cafe with mismatch furniture, spotty table clothes and vintage tea cups. The exposed brick walls are decorated with chalk boards displaying specials, retro signs and album covers. Appealing to a wide range of people, The Pot Cafe is somewhere between cosy and cool. It’s like Grandma’s kitchen made modern and I love it!

We were promptly met by the friendly young owner who took our orders and stopped to chat. Once we had given our orders we could see the food and drinks being made in the open kitchen which was a really nice touch. It’s not one of those sterile stainless steel kitchens that you often see when they are visible, it is a proper kitchen like you would find in a house with shelves housing jars and pans hanging above the worktop. It gave the feeling of eating at someone’s home which added to the relaxed, welcoming feel you get from the place.

The menu was great. There was a large selection of drinks including flavoured lattes, various teas, milkshakes and smoothies. I had a ‘Fruit Crumble’ smoothie which was red berries, pear, banana, cinnamon and ginger which was lovely. I noticed that they also do cocktails served in a teapot. How cute!

There was a large selection of breakfasts which I will come back for another time all at very reasonable prices. Not just your usual fry-ups either. I quite fancy the San Fransisco Breakfast (black eye bean cake, chilli scrambled egg, tortillas, sour cream and avocado salsa). In the end after almost choosing one of the lovely salads, we both went for a special. Ben had a beef, port and blue cheese pie and I had a squash, red pepper and ricotta pie. Both came with red pepper and baby spinach. The pies were seriously good, especially mine. In fact, I want the recipe! All at a really good price too, just £5 each!

The pot also does a good range of gluten-free and vegan options which is great. The menu even said that if you aren’t happy with their vegan menu choices they will do their best to make something you like. You can’t ask for more than that.

I will definitely we back to The Pot Cafe. It’s perfect for a relaxed, casual lunch. It’s just a shame it isn’t more local to me because parking is a bit of a pain.

My last mouthful was: Red pepper, squash and ricotta pie


Atmosphere and decor-

Quality of food-

Diversity of menu-

Value for money-

Overall rating-

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