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Abrahalls Cider by Celtic Marches

Guest review by Mr.V

A few weeks ago we were sent some Abrahalls Cider from the Celtic Marches company. Celtic Marches, located on the Herefordshire border, are a company who sell unique liquers, spirits and of course cider.

abrahalls cider

They sell three different types of cider; medium still cider, dry still cider and a sparkling cider. We sampled the sparkling cider – a medium cider at 6%ABV.  Taken straight from the fridge, the cider had a lovely crisp and tangy taste.  We were given 2 bottles and so as I drank the first, because of the strength of taste, I used the second to make a creamy cider sauce to accompany my chicken.
The chicken was cooked in a tagine with the whole bottle of cider simmering away which keeps the chicken moist and reduces down to make a good tasting cider sauce. The cider made a very tasty sauce.

This is my own recipe but to make the dish, I seared the chicken quarters in the base of the tagine dish together with onions, garlic and seasoning. Once the chicken and onions have browned add 500ml of Abrahalls Cider. Bring to the boil and gently simmer with the lid of the tagine on. Once the chicken is cooked through the cider will have reduced down. Before its cooked, fry some sliced mushrooms in another pan in butter. Once the chicken is cooked, take off the heat, remove the chicken and add in the mushrooms and a tablespoon of creme fraiche. Serve with sweet potato and wholegrain mustard mash with green crunchy veg – and obviously wash it down with a bottle of Abrahalls cider!

Overall the cider has a very nice tangy, crisp taste and I would happily drink more of it!

You can purchase this cider from their online shop at 12 bottles of 500ml at £29.99

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