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Marmite and chocolate…Who knew? Cocoa Magic did!

We have just greedily polished off a box of chocolates from Cocoa Magic.! I’m a regular at Riverside Market and I have often passed Sharon’s Cocoa Magic stall but this week, after connecting on Twitter (follow them here) I went over for a closer look and Sharon gave me a box of her finest creations to try. The stall looks inviting with tubs of different chocolates all laid out on the table and some novelty chocolate sheep and shoes on display too. In fact, the stall looks quite understated and if anything, the little plastic pots don’t do justice to the mouth-watering chocolates they are housing.

The chocolates we were given were truffles, nicely packaged in a little pink box which would make a really lovely present. They are not a cheap option at 70p per truffle but they are different and obviously hand made which counts for a lot in my book. Each truffle was in a little paper case and decorated differently in ways that promoted their flavours. The Rose Water truffle was the most striking with its shiney pink surface. It was also one of my favourite. The flavours were very unusual but very distinctive. I loved the way it tasted like Turkish Delight but coupled with its beautiful creamy texture, it was a totally different experience.

Each truffle had a seriously delicious creamy centre which was so moorish and surprisingly light. I enjoyed all of them, but a few stood out above the rest, aside from the Rose water one. The Merlyn Liqueur and espresso chocolate was lovely. The flavours really complemented each other and the creamy centre. The were very subtle which was perfect because two such strong flavours could have been really over powering but they weren’t.

Another favourite of mine was the chilli and mint truffle. There was a warning on the insert that it was hot but I wasn’t expecting it to be really. I was wrong. First came the strong mint taste followed closely by the pleasant sting of chilli. Lovely! I also loved the idea of the Bara Brith chocolate. Very original although the flavours were perhaps a little too subtle.

The Marmite truffle!

You might have heard a buzz about Cocoa Magic’s Marmite truffle. It’s certainly been a topic on Twitter. It sound’s like a very bizarre combination but I was dying to give it a try. Fortunately, I like Marmite and to my surprise, Marmite and chocolate go very well together! I suggest you give it a try. Ben detests Marmite but he gave this a try and it went down so it can’t be bad at all if even a Marmite hater can stomach it, even if he did pull faces.

Cocoa magic have entered their Marmite truffle into the Great Taste Awards and it has got through the first heat. It is their most popular chocolate and as there are many hardcore Marmite chocolate loving fans, for special occasions they now produce the Marmite XO truffle too which apparently has a much stronger robust flavour.

Cocoa magic runs on a part-time basis since starting out in 2010 with a view to expanding in 2012. Sharon has a real love for chocolates and enjoys researching new ideas. She has trained on many courses since 2008 to make sure that her chocolates are of a high standard.

“I believe that chocolate has a real feel good factor and therefore there should be some fun and vibrancy surrounding the chocolate that is produced by Cocoa Magic.”

You can find Cocoa Magic chocolates in Madame Fromage, Washington Gallery and Chapter. They are also sold fortnightly at Riverside Market and at other food festivals. If you are interested in stocking Cocoa Magic chocolates, you can contact Sharon at You can also visit Cocoa Magic’s website and order online.

Cocoa Magic's popular sheep chocolate

My last mouthful was: The Merlyn Liqueur and espresso truffle

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