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Deb’s Welsh Cakes- Take a bite of Wales

Before moving to Wales, a Welsh cake had never passed my lips but I can safely say that ten years on and Welsh cakes are one of my firm favourites. My family all love them too now and I do my best to take a pack back every time I cross the border. Over the years, my Dad has become quite the Welsh cake connoisseur and it was such a shame that he came to visit a few days before I received a delivery of Welsh cakes from Deb at Saladin House Family Foods because he would have loved them!

They arrived when I was at work but it wasn’t a problem because they fit through the letter box and were packed well so they were still in perfect condition when I came to open them despite the huge drop onto a wooden floor.

Deb obviously has a creative eye because the Welsh cakes were packaged beautifully in little gingham patterned paper parcels and tied with a red ribbon. They even had little stickers sealing the parcels stating that they were homemade and some contact details.

Sitting down to a cuppa and a Welsh cake, the kettle hadn’t even boiled before we had devoured our first one. Fresh, sweet and buttery, they had the lovely home-made taste that the ones you buy packaged in a shop just don’t have. They were dense with a slight crumbly texture and were sink-your-teeth-in soft. Just how I like them! I like my Welsh cakes to be really buttery and these were, as well as beautifully sweet. Deb had dusted sugar on the outside too which gave them a crunchy texture which I very much enjoyed.

You can buy Deb’s Welsh cakes online for £12.99 for 24 small ones or 18 large ones. You can also have them without fruit and you can even buy heart-shaped ones! I had a heart-shaped mini Welsh cake in each pack which was really lovely.

Although these are more expensive than a pack you can buy from the supermarket, they are 100% nicer and come so beautifully packaged that they would make a lovely present for someone.

All in all a top quality Welsh cake!

May Last Mouthful was: A Welsh cake of course!



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