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Flavrbox- A Monthly Treat For Foodies

For me, subscription food and drink companies are an exciting prospect. Having a box delivered to my door containing a selection of products appeals to the glutton in me, the fact that the contents is a surprise excites the child in me.

After discovering Flavrbox on Twitter, I was very keen to see what they offered so I was delighted when they sent me a tasting box to sample. Flavrbox was established as a way of giving people the chance to experience some of the best food producers in the country. Once a month, subscribers receive a tasting box to their door containing a hand-picked selection of products including snacks, cooking ingredients or condiments, and a booklet telling the story behind each one.

As I’ve said, I love the concept of subscription food and Flavrbox offers such a wide variety of products. I had to collect my box from the post office because I wasn’t in when it was delivered and it was far too big for the letter box. I was very impressed with the contents and the booklet introducing the producers was a nice touch.


The box was packaged nicely and contained items from five producers. I’ve included a short run down of what I received but of course it will vary each month:


Hands on Coffee – Nicely packaged, this was a lovely smooth roast with a slight nutty flavour and a nose of vanilla, especially at the moment you open the bag.

Bailey’s Real Food Jackson Bars – I had four of these healthy cereal bars in various flavours. Made without any refined sugar, additives or preservatives, they were soft, oaty and delicious. My favourite was The Naughty Jackson Bar with chocolate, marshmallow and seeds.


Bacon Jam – This bizarre sounding condiment was my favourite item in the box. A combination of onion jam and smokey bacon, I found no end of dinners and snacks to add this too. It went especially well with oeufs en cocotte.

Mr Popple’s Chocolate – I had two of these vegan chocolate bars made with raw cacao. Free from dairy, refined sugar, gluten, soya, and CM ingredients, these weren’t my thing but I wouldn’t expect to love every product in every box, that’s the gamble you take. Flavrbox does offer a replacement if you aren’t happy with a product which I thought was excellent customer service.

Bendy Legs Cereal– Healthy, unprocessed and delicious, I’m already a Bendy legs convert so I was happy to have a pack in my box.

Flavrbox Tasting Boxes cost £16 per month if you sign up for a year, £18 per month if you sign up for 6 months and £20 on a monthly plan. Each box will contain products from 5-6 producers. Producers are selected based on three criteria; taste, ethics and availability and many have won awards such as The Great Taste Awards. The products selected are generally not widely available in supermarkets so that they are new to subscribers.

I absolutely love the concept behind Flavrbox. I love trying new foods and I love surprises so this is right up my street. However, for the average person, it isn’t cheap if you don’t sign up for a year. I think that for people on a budget, this might be a luxury that they can’t afford. Having said that, if you do have a bit of pocket money to spare and you love trying new products, this does work out to be pretty good value. I added up the cost of the products separately and the box boasts quite a saving.

Flavrbox also have a shop on the website where you can buy products directly if you have sampled something you particularly like. It also gives you an idea of the products you might be sent.

My Last Mouthful was: The Bacon Jam



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