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Happy Birthday Purple Poppadom! Celebrating With A New Menu

Nothing excites me like a good restaurant that changes it’s menu regularly and when it is the Purple Poppadom, there are extra squeals of delight. In honour of Purple Poppadom’s first birthday and to celebrate five successful years for Chef Anand George in Cardiff, the 501 game Taster Menu has been launched.

I love this time of year despite the cold because I just love game and all the dining possibilities it brings so I was very pleased to see that the Purple Poppadom were incorporating it into a menu. I gave rave reviews to their previous taster menus so I went along with high expectations.

Purple Poppadom lovers you’ll be pleased to know that this menu didn’t disappoint. The tasters included, rabbit, pheasant, goat, wild boar as well as a fish course and a selection of desserts. As usual the service was impeccable and the place was jammed packed with diners, even though it was a Wednesday night.

We started the evening off with the Lapin a Deux. A beautifully presented rabbit starter consisting of minced rabbit cooked in the tandoor and cubes of rabbit in a polti bag. The minced rabbit was delicately spiced so that the flavours didn’t overpower the meat but my favourite was the polti bag which is a flaky pastry parcel filled with cubes of tender spicy rabbit. I always enjoy the Purple Poppadom starters and this was no exception. As usual my photos do not do the food justice.


The Halibut Vert fish course was next and as usual was perfectly cooked. The tender Halibut marinated in coriander and mint was so tender and juicy and the spiced cake of halibut was one of the nicest fish cakes I have ever had.


I wouldn’t usually bore you with details of a pallet cleanser but the Granny Smith Apple and Chilli Sorbet was so good I would have been happy with it as dessert. If I could buy some to take home and put in the freezer I would.

Moving onto the middle course, the Ffesant Choux Fleur. My favourite course and my favourite French word for a vegetable all rolled into one! This course featured some unusual flavour combinations but they worked very well. The coriander and garlic crusted pheasant was served with cauliflower puree and pickled beetroot. Presented in a deep dish, once cut into, the pheasant was emersed in the puree. The combination of the warm cauliflower and cold beetroot made for some interesting textures and complimented the meat.


The main course which was preceded by a passion fruit and ginger sorbet, consisted of two curries, a Thoran, steamed rice and two Indian breads. The first curry, the Chevre Royal was my favourite. The goat was unbelievably tender. Purple Poppadom have great skill when it comes to cooking meat. It is always executed perfectly and on this occasion, the goat was melt in the mouth good which I don’t always find with goat.

The Sanglier de Kerala was also lovely and went very well with the Thoran which is also a South Indian dish. The meat again was very tender (Wild Boar on this occasion) and the mild sweet flavours matched those of the delicious Thoran and the breads.


Sad to bring the evening to a close but feeling full, we embarked on a trio of dessert. For me this was the weakest course but by no means poor. We had the signature chocolate samosa with caramelised banana which I always enjoy, a Christmas pudding cheesecake and an orange, coconut and Penedryn whiskey cake. Everything was nice but I don’t think it lived up to the desserts on the previous two taster menus. In fact, the Rose Hip Brulee on the original Taster Menu was one of the best desserts I have ever tasted so to live up to that was a tall order.


I can honestly say that the Purple Poppadom is one of my all time favourite restaurants. When I recommend it to people they often start talking about other Indian restaurants they enjoy but I cannot stress enough that this is not your typical Indian restaurant and should not be compared as such. It is in a far superior league and the menu is so far removed from a curry house. Anand George calls his food Nouvelle Indian Cuisine and I think this is a good description. It is fresh, original, high quality food using Indian flavours.

If you haven’t visited yet, you NEED to! You won’t be disappointed. The Taster menu is £45 per person which may sound expensive but it is definitely worth the price and is the best way to experience what is on offer. The A La Carte is also fantastic though.

My Last Mouthful was: The Ffesant Choux Fleur

Service- small spoon-green40

Atmosphere and Decor- small spoon-green40

Quality of food- small spoon-green40

Diversity of menu- small spoon-green40

Value for money- small spoon-green40

Overall rating- spoon-green80

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