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A True Taste of Wales!

Last week I was invited along to a spring showcase of Welsh food at ffresh in Wales Millennium Centre. The evening promised to showcase some of the Centre’s new food suppliers from Wales who are recent winners of a Wales the True Taste Awards.

ffresh are committed to sourcing and serving the best produce from Wales and have become the first restaurant to form a True Taste Partnership with the Welsh Government. Some 80% of the food on ffresh’s new menu is sourced from Wales and nearly a third of those suppliers have won a True Taste Award.

I have reviewed ffresh fairly recently and I have always been impressed with the quality of the food on offer. It is really great to see a restaurant championing the great food and drink available in Wales so I was very pleased to be invited along to this event to meet some of the suppliers and sample of their produce.

After some welcome drinks and speeches we got the opportunity to visit the producers at stands set up around the restaurant. We had time to chat about their products and sample some as well as sampling some of the dishes cooked by the ffresh team using these products.

It was great to meet people so passionate about their food and proud of their products and to sample some of the best that Wales has to offer. Amongst the producers was Green Spoon business Gornos Speciality Foods with their wonderful award winning sausages.

If you haven’t been to ffresh yet, with a new menu coming out, there couldn’t be a better time.


Gorno’s Sausages- Quality Produce from a Local Family Business!

Recently, I was delivered a very generous selection of Gorno’s sausages to sample. Having attended the True Taste Awards last year where I watched Gorno’s Sausages pick up an award for their Spicy Chorizo, I was looking forward to incorporating them into my week’s dinners. Prior to this delivery, I was familiar with Gorno’s Sausages but I was yet to taste all the varieties including the award winner!

Family run Gorno’s, specialize in high quality Pepperoni and Continental Sausages, manufactured from their factory in South Wales. They supply pizza manufacturers, wholesalers, restaurants, delicatessens and domestic households. You can even order them online.

After meeting and chatting with Andy Gorno about the best way to cook them, I decided that I would try each one in a different way. I wanted to see how versatile they could be and to try and use recipes that would compliment their flavours.

Traditional Italian Sausage with Fennel

These meaty sausages were the first I tried and I decided to split the packet and make a sausage wrap for lunch (basically because I couldn’t wait to get stuck in) and a sausage, spinach and tomato risotto. I would have usually included fennel but I didn’t as it was already in the sausages.

The first thing I noticed about these and all of the Gorno’s sausages I sampled is the quality as they cooked. They were meaty and juicy but they stayed firm as they cooked. With 100% pork content they were solid and bursting with flavour. The fennel was subtle but that was perfect because fennel is a strong flavour which can be overpowering at times.

Spicy Calabrian Sausage with Chilli and Fennel

These were lovely! Firm and meaty with undertones or chilli and fennel and a nice heat. These sausages tasted somewhere between a meaty sausage and a chorizo so I decided they would work well on a pizza. I have to say it was a very good pizza and went down very well. The sausages really made it as they weren’t too greasy and gave the pizza a spicy element.

Merguez Sausage

These hot and spicy offerings were 100% pork and beef and were my favourite of all the Italian sausages. Like the others, they were firm and packed full of meat and remained firm while cooking. I was also surprised to see how little grease emerged as I fried them. Spicy, meaty and delicious and they made a wonderful sausage and goats cheese pasta dish.

Toulouse Sausage

Andy Gorno explained to me that as well as his Italian roots, his sausages are influenced by his French wife. I love France and French cuisine so these were very welcome! It might sound silly to say but these lightly smoked, 100% pork sausages tasted of France! They let off a delightful smell as they hit the pan that just instantly took me back to family camping holidays in France. For me, the memories that certain foods provoke is a big part of my passion for food and these did just that.

Mr V and I decided these would be best enjoyed in a French cassolette.

Milano Sausages

After eating Gorno’s Sausages all week, we were so  impressed with the quality that we decided that these ones should be enjoyed simply as they are. A delicious, high quality sausage that does not need to be buried in a wealth of ingredients to disguise the fact that it isn’t really that good.

These salty, Italian spiced sausages smelt lovely while they cooked and although greaser than some of the others, they still retained the same firm texture. We enjoyed them on a platter with some Welsh red mustard and caramelised red onions and they were delicious!

Spicy Chorizo Salami Sausage

This one was the True Taste Award winner! I always have a chorizo in my fridge, it’s so versatile and brightens up any dish but I’m ashamed to say I had never tried this one. I found it to be softer than what I usually buy with a real paprika kick to it. It was nicer than my usual eaten as it was and also fried lightly.

I was really impressed with the range of Gorno’s Sausages I tasted. I enjoyed every single one and compared to many super market bought sausages there is no comparison in terms of quality. With 100% meat, they were seriously delicious and I would go as far as to say some of the best I have tried. At a price of between £3 and £4 per pack, I will definitely be buying these from now on. If you think what you might pay for a pack in the supermarket, for £1 or so more you are getting so much more for your money. Gorno’s sausages are available direct from the website or in deli’s such as Wally’s Deli in Cardiff City centre.

My last Mouthful was: Merguez Sausage

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