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Change 4 Life Challenge- Tuesday

Breakfast- Forest Fruit Smoothie

This super easy smoothie is already a staple breakfast for me and is just as quick as toast and butter but a much healthier start to the day.  The preparation time states 6 minutes but I did it much quicker than that.

Smoothie Ingredients

Smoothie Ingredients

I used frozen forest fruits because that’s what the recipe said but it works well with any fruit, frozen or fresh. I often use frozen raspberries or fresh mango or sometimes just banana on its own.

Frozen fruits are great in smoothies because they are already cold and add a different texture. I like the addition of the yogurt but it is optional so entirely up to you. It’s sometimes nice to add a bit of fruit juice too if you don’t fancy it too milky.

I do my best to eat my 5 a day and this is a really good way of getting there and all before 9am! I had this with muesli but I could have just as easily enjoyed double the quantity with anything else.

I had mine with muesli but it would be fine on it's own

I had mine with muesli but it would be fine on its own

Recipe- serves 4

157 calories per portion, 6 minutes prep time, 1 minute cooking time.


1 large banana

150g frozen forest fruits

150g low-fat natural yogurt (optional)

750ml semi-skimmed or 1% fat milk

What to do:

1. Slice the banana into a blender and add the frozen fruit (no need to thaw it first).

2. Add the low-fat yogurt and milk.

3. Blend together for 15-20 seconds, then pour into 4 glasses. Enjoy straightaway, with your cereal or wholemeal toast.

If you’d like to try the recipes for yourself you can order a free recipe booklet


Change 4 Life Challenge!

This week sees the launch of Change 4 Life’s ‘Be Food Smart’ Campaign. It’s an initiative aiming to help families eat more healthily in 2013 and anyone who signs up will be mailed a Be Food Smart recipe booklets with 21 low-cost nutritionally balanced recipes that appeal to adults and children.

I have been challenged to try one of the recipes every day this week and to blog about my experience. I am going to pick either breakfast, lunch or an evening meal each day and record my thoughts along with the recipes which I will publish on here the following day.

The booklets are geared towards dissuading people from eating take aways and fast food by providing cost-effective, easy, healthy recipes that will feed a family of four. Each recipe includes a calorie count as well as detailed instructions on how to prepare and cook the meal.

Healthy eating is something that I take seriously so I was keen to get involved. So many people say they can’t cook and opt for convenience food but I believe that cooking can be fun, satisfying and so much better for you when you prepare it yourself. I don’t believe in fad diets, I’m from the old school ‘eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly’ way of thinking so I think this is an excellent initiative and a good step forward in improving health and tackling obesity.

Look out for my posts over the next 7 days and if you’d like to sign up to Change 4 Life’s Healthy Eating Campaign and receive a free recipe booklet, you can do so here.

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