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Get yourself down to Riverside Market for a delicious crepe or galette by Le Creperie de Sophie

After seeing some really positive comments on Twitter, I was really pleased when Le Creperie de Sophie invited me down to Riverside Market to try their delicious crepes on Sunday!

I love Riverside Market, it’s full of stands selling delicious local produce and the biggest crowd was around Le Creperie de Sophie’s stand. We read the menu board and watched for a while to see which looked like the best filling. There was a huge choice available, both sweet and savory. Banana and chocolate looked like a popular topping and smelt lovely but I am more of a savory person so I was really pleased when Loic Moinon (the owner) made us the special of the week- Salmon and Samphire galette.

We watched as Loic cooked the galette on both sides and covered it with salmon, onion, rocket, samphire and creme fresh. It tasted absolutely delicious! The galette was so light and tasty. Le Creperie de Sophie’s galettes are unique in the UK as they are made from buckwheat so they are gluten and wheat free which is great. I’ve tasted gluten free products in the past that just do not deliver on taste but these were fantastic.

As well as serving pancakes at local markets, Loic and his team offer mobile catering services for events. I mentioned their crepe parties in a previous post which you can read here but they also do weddings. My fiance and I are getting married in July and this would be so amazing to have at our wedding but unfortunately, we aren’t getting married in Wales which is a real shame. I would love to go to a wedding that served crepes- how original!

I highly recommend a stroll down to Riverside market to sample these. I loved my salmon galette and will certainly be going back again to try a sweet one. You can even buy bags of the mix to make them yourself. The Creperie de Sophie team are so friendly too and it was great to have a French snack made by a real Frenchman!

Check out their website:

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