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My Japanese Kit Kat Obsession- The First Three!

I am totally overwhelmed by the endless list of Japanese Kit Kat flavours so it was quite hard to know where to start. I quickly found that despite there being hundreds, some are easier to get hold of in the UK than others with the rarest fetching a princely sum. I decided to start at the cheaper end of the scale for my first sample.

I’m glad I did because what I didn’t realise until they arrived is that Japanese Kit Kats are significantly smaller than the ones we are used to over here. They have two fingers and are about half the length of ours so really quite tiny.

Anyway, here’s what I tried…

Cinnamon Roll

This one is really nice. A good choice to ease myself in because it is a pleasant familiar flavour. The cinnamon is really strong and it has crunchy bits in the chocolate representing the ‘roll’.

Purple Sweet Potato

I was expecting this to taste like sweet potato as we know it but apparently a purple sweet potato is sweeter and fruitier than our orange variety (I have never tried one so I have no frame of reference). It is native to Okinawa island and is therefore a regional limited edition. Exciting!

It is certainly very sweet and has a fruity flavour not unlike plum. It’s nice but I can’t tell you whether it tastes like a purple sweet potato having never tried one.

Amaou Strawberry

There are lots of strawberry varieties. This one is quite subtle mixed with white chocolate. It’s incredibly sweet but the flavour fades quickly and is quite forgettable.

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Rachel’s Organic Strawberries And Cream Yogurt- Perfect For Summer

Summer has been pretty poor this year, I’m sure you’ll all agree. My miserable pale skin hasn’t really seen the light of day and I can’t really see much changing anytime soon. When we can’t experience the summer sun, thankfully, we can still eat summer food and what says summer more than strawberries and cream?

Rachel’s Organic are the producers of some of my favourite yogurt and to my delight, they often send me some samples to try. You can read my previous review which includes a recipe and my thoughts on some products I have been sent including the delicious Greek Style Coconut Yogurt. On this occasion, amongst other products I have already reviewed, I was sent the Limited Edition Strawberries and Cream bio-live yogurt.

Rachel’s yogurt is always deliciously creamy but this one was more so than any of the others I’ve tasted. It was so thick and creamy, it was somewhere between a custard and a yogurt and was generously interspersed with large chunks of sweet strawberries. I have to say that I wasn’t overly excited about a strawberry yogurt and would usually consider it to be one of the more mundane options but this one was delicious and I would definitely buy it again.

My ratings are based on this product and the others I have sampled in my previous review.

Service- Doesn’t apply, available in most supermarkets


Quality of product-

Diversity of products-

Value for money-

Overall rating-

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