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One Mile Bakery- Great Concept With Food To Match

I try no end of good food thanks to Your Last Mouthful and it is not unusual for me to have a delivery of some kind of delicious produce, but I have never been delivered bread before and I am yet to come across a concept as brilliant as One Mile Bakery.

The brain-child of Elisabeth Mahoney, One Mile Bakery was born after two years of preparation and stems from a genuine passion for good, simple food made with local or homegrown, quality ingredients. The concept is simple, The One Mile Bakery delivers handmade bread, soups and preserves within a one-mile radius of its kitchen in Cardiff.  Everything is made using seasonal produce and traditionally milled organic flour, and delivered to local addresses in Pontcanna, Llandaff and Canton on foot or by bike.

Elisabeth arrived at my door with a rustic basket housing two loaves of bread, a jar of jam and a large container of soup, all bearing the One Mile Bakery logo. As we chatted and unpacked the goods, Elisabeth explained that instead of buying individual items, customers pay for a monthly subscription and receive a weekly delivery providing they are in the one mile proximity of her kitchen. There are many subscriptions to choose from but I was trying the bread, soup and jam subscription at £23.50 per month. This would mean a delivery of two loaves of bread and a container of soup per week and a jar of jam with the first batch of the month.

Now you should know that bread and butter is my weakness. I suffer from IBS so as I rule I avoid bread and try not to buy it but looking at the loaves on my kitchen table, this was going to be worth the pain!

Each week, customers receive a different type of loaf and soup depending on the produce available. My delivery consisted of Harira Soup, a Rye, Wheat and White Sourdough and a Multi-seeded and Honey Loaf with a jar Rhubarb, Strawberry, Vanilla and Elderflower Jam.

I’m ashamed to say that the minute Elisabeth walked out of the door I tucked into the bread. Starting with the sourdough, I covered it in lashings of butter and sank into my armchair while I drifted into my bread and butter heaven. The sourdough was beautifully soft inside with a lovely crunchy crust. The contrast between the bread and the crust was just right and I throughly enjoyed it. This lasted very well too. I still have some left 5 days later and it is still delicious toasted.

With dinner simmering away on the hob, I intended to just have a small piece of the Multi-seeded and Honey Loaf with some of the jam. Ten minutes later I had eaten half the loaf! I can honestly say this is some of the nicest bread I have ever tasted. It was just so deliciously soft and sweet. It had a real dense, spongy texture with a beautiful soft crust. I could eat it without butter and if you knew the extent of my bread and butter addiction that is saying something!

Not only was the bread delicious but it didn’t actually make me ill. Elisabeth said that it because everything is natural  and fermented for such a long time, it is easier to break down and digest. You don’t know how happy this makes me.

Not to be out done by the bread, the jam was also fantastic. I do love jam but it’s something I never really get around to finishing but on this occasion, it is nearly gone. This is definitely not your average strawberry jam. Strawberry was the dominant flavour in my jar but there were clear and complimentary undertones of rhubarb and vanilla. I’m afraid the elderflower was a bit lost but it was still beautiful nonetheless.

For me, the best thing about the jam was the texture. It was very thick and quite jelly-like which I really enjoyed although Mr V said that he would have prefered it to be softer. He didn’t dispute the delicious flavour though.

I managed to control myself and save the soup for lunch the next day. The container of soup provided two very generous helpings. If you’re not a big eater, I think it would have done three days with bread. The Harira soup came with herbs and lemon and some rose harissa that could be added according to taste. Packed full of noodles, chick peas and lentils, this was a very filling chunky soup, perfect on a rainy day.

I haven’t got a bad word to say about One Mile Bakery. The food is fantastic, the price is right and the concept is brilliant. The only problem is, I don’t live within the one mile radius. My house is on the market though and this could well become a deciding factor when choosing our new house!

Even though I totally buy into this concept, I think that what really sold it to me and would keep me coming back for more if I lived in the area is Elisabeth. One of the great things about having my website and blog is that I get to meet people who are so passionate about what they do and it is just so inspiring. One Mile Bakery has only been up and running a few weeks and already Elisabeth has been inundated with orders and I fully believe that it is not all about the food (although it is fantastic). For me the personal touch and the love that goes into something like this is just so important and Elisabeth certainly has this.

Elisabeth told me stories about her childhood and how she enjoyed cooking with her Mum who grew everything herself and the love for Italian food she developed from a childhood friend. Many of Elisabeth’s recipes have been handed down from her Mum and I love this as it is something that is so often lost these days as people stop cooking for themselves. Elisabeth has been able to take her Mum’s recipes and others that she has found along the way and tweak them to make them her own, creating simple but beautiful food.

Elisabeth doesn’t believe she is very creative when it comes to cooking but recognises the importance of good quality ingredients and wants people to experience the food she loves. Her creatively comes through with her business model. Creative or not, she certainly knows her stuff. Elisabeth is a food and travel writer when she isn’t baking and has even been a food critic in her time. With an extensive career in food, this seems like a logical step and one that I hope continues to develop as Elisabeth has lots of ideas for extending the product range and for cookery classes. I wish her every success.

My Last Mouthful was: The multi-seeded and Honey Loaf



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Value for money-

Overall rating

Jaspers Tea Rooms – This little gem will appeal to everyone!

Last week I met Mrs J and baby E for a spot of lunch at Jaspers Tea Rooms in Llandaff. I really like Llandaff and there are some lovely places on the High Street so Jaspers is in an excellent location. It seems to pick up customers from local schools and businesses, people strolling round the Cathedral grounds and regular customers.

I’m not surprised it’s popular. With lots of tea rooms and places selling home-made cakes, Jaspers has managed to be quirky and welcoming but still very traditional, appealing to all ages. We dined amongst families, elderly couples and young groups of friends.

You enter Jasper’s through what looks like a small shop, greeting you with homemade cakes and other delicious bakes. The counter where your orders are taken is here but you walk through another door to find a seat if you are eating in. From outside it looks as though it is quite small at first glance but it is in fact a series of small cottages knocked through. It’s very quirky as you have to walk through each room to get to the next one and each one is laid out differently.

When we arrived it was very busy and we took the last table in the first room. It was a lovely homely room with wooden beams, old wooden tables and chairs and a fire-place with a large old-fashioned mantel piece. The walls were adorned with sketches of Llandaff.  The next room was along the same lines but smaller with a different theme of art work leading onto the next room. The last two rooms had a slightly more modern feel and were more relaxed with photos of Llandaff on the walls and some comfy chairs and newer furniture.

Despite being rushed off their feet, staff were very friendly and we were welcomed and told that if we took a seat, they would bring us through a high chair for baby E. It didn’t feel crowded and the noise levels were just right. We occupied baby E and then had a look at the menu.

I was impressed by the choice on offer. As well as sandwiches, baguettes and jacket potatoes, there was a specials board of light meals and even gluten-free sandwich options which is always good. On top of the cakes that could be chosen at the counter, there was also a selection of afternoon tea options which were very appealing and reasonably priced. They even had a children’s menu which included babycinnos (frothy milk and mallows). Adorable!

I couldn’t resist the afternoon tea so I chose the Traditional Afternoon Tea which came on a three-tiered stand with a selection of sandwiches, a homemade scone with jam and cream and a selection of cakes with a pot of tea. All for £10.95. Mrs J went for a sausage baguette which was served with salad and crisps and a cappuccino (we shared the cakes, I promise!)

Even though it was busy, our food and drinks arrived promptly and we were very impressed. My afternoon tea was beautifully presented and seriously tasty! I had salmon and cream cheese and ham and mustard sandwiches. All came with the crusts neatly cut off and a generous helping of filling. The salmon was lovely and I am baffled as to how Jaspers managed to make a ham and mustard sandwich taste so good!

The jam that accompanied the scone was delicious with huge chunks of strawberries and there was a decent amount of jam and cream which I like to see! The afternoon tea also came with a traditional victoria sponge and a homemade biscuit. Both were very nice.

I felt bad that I had such a spread and Mrs J had a baguette but it was a very very good baguette. Warm and toasted nicely, the crunchy bread gave way to sausage and the most wonderful sweet chutney. We ended up sharing both.

I really enjoyed my visit to Jaspers. It’s right up my street and I will definitely be back. It’s not often you find somewhere that your gran would love but that you could also visit with a group of friends.

My Last Mouthful was: The sausage baguette


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value for money-

Overall rating-

The New Mulberry Street Menu- This is a Must!

Mulberry Street is located in the gorgeous and affluent Llandaff which is the perfect setting for a restaurant offering this level of fine dining. As you will probably notice, this is my second review of Mulberry Street and that is because it just keeps getting better and better and I love to shout about food this good when I find it!

I last visited Mulberry Street in January so I thought it was about time I went along to sample their new menu. I highly advise you to do the same because it is fantastic! There is a choice between the A La Carte menu and a menu of little dishes. We decided to try the little dishes as that way, we were able to sample more of the menu. The ‘little’ dishes really aren’t that little. Six between the two of us was ample and cost us less than ordering a main and a starter from the A La Carte menu.

It was very difficult to decide what we wanted as there is a healthy selection to choose from. The dishes are clearly very carefully designed for the spring and summer as they are all very light and fresh and use vegetables that are in season. My favourite dish was the Soup of the Day, White Onion and Thyme. It was absolutely gorgeous, so full of flavour. I love onion soup but it wasn’t your typical french onion style, it was very smooth and the subtle flavour of thyme with the onion was lovely. I also highly recommend the Pork Hock Terrine with Homemade piccalilli. This was very unusual and seriously moreish. The pork was so tender and the sweet piccalilli complimented it perfectly.

The food in Mulberry Street always arrives at the table like little works of art. I’m not talking about a bit of salad garnish either. The bowls and plates are various shapes and each dish can incorporate more than one bit of crockery. We chose a black pudding and lava bread salad which was so beautifully presented with the lava bread arranged around the edge, even the salad was neat! I love that so much care is taken with the presentation. It really adds to the appeal. To me the presentation of the food is really important and it makes all the difference. Our lamb dish came on a bed of puy lentils. You know you’re in for a treat when your meat is on a ‘bed’ of something. This may sound a little on the pretentious side but it’ s not at all. The prices are good, the food is great and presented beautifully which shows that the chef cares about what’s on the plate and is proud of his creations.

It is these little touches that really sets Mulberry Street apart from other restaurants. Even our haddock risotto was perfectly presented and this isn’t easy to do as risotto very often just looks like its been slopped on the plate even if you have taken great care. This risotto was presented beautifully and finished with a poached quails egg on the top. The desserts looked like they were straight out of Masterchef and were equally as delicious as the rest of the meal.

For me, a dining experience isn’t just about the food and the atmosphere at Mulberry Street on this Friday night was as exquisite as the food. It is very relaxed and friendly yet still lets you know that you are going to be served some upmarket cuisine. I think this is a very difficult balance to strike. The decor is sophisticated and stylish and the owner and staff are very welcoming. They seemed to know most of the people that came in while we were there which can only be a good sign if they keep coming back.

I love Mulberry Street and think the chef here creates some of the best food in Cardiff. It is a great place for lunch and an evening meal and they often have some very reasonable lunch deals. They also have a wheat and gluten-free menu which is a great addition and they are running some vegetarian nights with a fantastic menu. The next one is tomorrow. Have a look at the menu and get down there!

Winter Warmers at Maltsters

On my quest for new places to eat in Cardiff, on Saturday night, I found myself in The Maltsters In Llandaff. I have heard many good things about this place so I was really pleased when my friend suggested going there for dinner.

The Maltsters has only been renovated quite recently and it has transformed from drab, lifeless old man’s pub to cosy, gastro extraordinaire! The whole place is kitted out nicely with laminate flooring, lovely wooden tables and chairs and roaring fires. Lovely!

You can’t book a table because it’s just so popular, you have to take your chances. This clearly didn’t put anyone off as it was rammed! There was nowhere to sit when we arrived so we had to buy drinks and then loiter around waiting for a table to vacate. We were lucky and got a table quite quickly but there weren’t enough chairs. This proved more of a problem but eventually, we managed to round-up enough and sat down to look at the menu.

What’s great about the menu is that it changes everyday so you are always surprised. I love this! I get bored with a restaurant when I’ve tried everything on the menu but this won’t happen at the Maltsters. The  menu (on this occasion) was full of winter warms like ham and chicken pie and lamb chops with mash. The food was simple but classy. We all opted for a T-Bone steak with home-made chips and it was delicious. My steak was cooked to perfection. So many places end up getting steak wrong but this was spot on and the chips were lovely.

We couldn’t resist dessert which was also lovely and very filling. I had a chocolate brownie with ice cream and chocolate sauce. It was perfect- hard on the outside and squishy on the inside!

I definitely recommend this place. Prices are good for what you get and are wide ranging. Just be prepared to wait a while for a table.

Mulberry Street- right up my street!

Well, we have started on our quest to visit new restaurants and this is my first review of our findings…

It was a nice day on Sunday so we thought it would be an idea to go for a stroll and some lunch. We decided not to walk into the main centre but to go somewhere on the outskirts and avoid the crowds. We chose Llandaff, planning to eat in a local pub if we could find one.

We ended up walking down Llandaff High Street and walked past Mulberry Street. We thought it looked a bit up market especially as we were only dressed in jeans but then we noticed a lunch special advertised on a board- 2 courses for £8.95 which seemed good so we peered in the window. It was pretty full inside and we weren’t under dressed so we decided to give it a go.

It turns out Mulberry Street is run by a lovely couple who made us feel very welcome. We were shown to our seats and given the lunch menu along with a normal tapas type menu. The lunch menu was great but my mouth also watered at the main menu. The food was really unusual spanning several continents and included meats like venison and duck and lots of different fish so it looked really appealing to me. We decided that if the food was nice, we would come back one evening and stuck to the lunch menu.

I had prawn cocktail to start and my fiance had bacon and black pudding salad. Both were very nice. For our main, he chose steak in red wine sauce with some nice potatoes and I had fish and chips. My fish was beautiful and the batter was fresh and light. I particularly liked the tartar sauce which I’m sure was home-made. However, I was very jealous of my fiance’s dish. It was absolutely lovely, the steak was cooked to perfection!

I was also very impressed with the presentation of the food. Dishes were delivered like little works of art. I love restaurants that make an effort with presentation.

We will be making a trip back to this place one evening I think. It’s nice to find a locally owned restaurant to eat in and to avoid the big chain places. A bargain too at £8.95 for two very substantial courses!

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