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Cup and Cake Bakery- Cupcake Alchemy!

Having become quite addicted to cupcakes during all my sampling for cupcake week, I was more than pleased when Cup and Cake Bakery offered to send me a box of yet more cakes! Little did I know that this were going to be no ordinary cup cakes but nothing short of cake alchemy! Owner Mark Reardon has a way of transforming normal cupcakes into pure cake gold!

Matt delivered the cakes to me and we chatted for a while about how Cup and Cake Bakery came about. The idea developed when Matt was living in Melbourne, where he discovered a cupcake shop which baked amazing cupcakes. This planted the idea in his head that one day, when back in Cardiff, he was going to open his own cupcake shop. Having quit his job as a Finance Director in favour of further travelling, on his return to Cardiff, Matt registered as a business and started baking. Cup and Cake Bakery in Llanishan was born!

Cup and Cake Bakery’s cakes and certainly very unusual and imaginative. Matt has come up with a unique way of combining cupcakes with popular deserts. His cakes look fantastic and are very novel. Here is a run down of the ones I tried.

Lemon meringue pie cake

This one was my favourite. If you’ve read any of my cupcake week posts you’ll know that lemon is always a winner with me but this cake was not your average lemon cake. The soft spongy cake was layered with lemon curd and the icing was a soft, light meringue. Genius! This is the new way to eat lemon meringue pie for me!

Custard profiterole cake

What a novel idea! Matt suggested heating this one up in the microwave so I did. The profiterole were crammed full of lovely custard and balanced on an almond flavoured cake. Both the cake and the profiterole were top quality but for me, I think I prefer them separate but it’s still a great idea.

Rocky Road cake

This one really looked amazing! The cake was lovely with nuts running through it giving it a good crunch and it was topped with marshmallows and chocolate.More like a dessert than a cake, I had to use a spoon!

Carrot Cake

Carrot Cake is another favourite of mine and this was a very good one. The cake was deliciously moist and spongy and I enjoyed the addition of sultanas. The icing was gorgeous! So creamy and zesty, yet light.

Red Velvet

This was a very nice cake but for me it was the icing that made it. Matt really is a wizard with icing and this is was the best of the lot. Made with butter and cream cheese, it was beautifully soft and creamy and somehow fluffy on the inside with a crisp outer coating.

Whoopie Pie

I was excited about trying a whoopie pie after seeing it on the website. A great alternative to a cupcake, the pie is harder than a normal cake but it is still moist on the inside. The white chocolate filling was very good. I think these would go down very well in a cafe as something a bit different.

Overall, Cup and Cake Bakery’s cakes are lovely. I’m not sure whether I would class all of them as cupcakes though as I think as soon as you need to use a spoon to eat it like with the rocky road and the custard profiterole cakes, it becomes a dessert rather than a cake. This is by no means a criticism though, just a unique direction.

Have a look at the website and see what you think. At £2.15 for a standard cake, £2.75 for a deluxe cake and £2.50 for a whoopie pie, they are priced well and well worth a try!

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