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Tea Horse- A Cup Of Tea Through The Post!

I’ve been noticing a lot of subscription food companies lately. It seems like a very fruitful idea and there are some excellent varieties available. It was on Twitter that I discovered the most appealing one so far, and it isn’t even offering food!

Tea Horse is a subscription website allowing you to experience the world of loose leaf tea. For just £11.95 per month, Tea Horse will send you a box of four different teas based on a different tea theme every month. In each box, you receive the teas, neatly packaged with instructions on how to brew and enjoy them, 40 tea filters and a little booklet full of tea information.

I love tea and have really got into my loose leaf tea recently so I was very happy when Tea Horse offered to send me their July box to review. July’s box was called Eastern Promises and contained a combination of traditional teas from china and new innovations from India.

I started my tasting session with Jasmine Pearls from China. I love floral tea and Jasmine is one of my favourites. Each pack of tea is foil wrapped and when opened, releases the most gorgeous fresh scent. The Jasmine tea smelt deliciously floral with a hint of green tea. It smelt amazing but once brewed, it smelt even sweeter. Flavourwise, the tea was lovely. It had the subtle jasmine taste that I love. Still a firm favourite.

The next morning I broke into the Earl Grey. The first thing that struck me about this one was the gorgeous fresh, citrus smell. What could be better in the morning? Once brewed, the tea had that nice perfumed taste that Earl Grey is known for but it had none of the harsh flavours that I sometimes associate with it. I don’t usually like Earl Grey without milk but this one was lovely and I could have happily drunk it with or without milk.

Later that day I sampled the Rolling Thunder Oolong. It had that deep, rich oolong scent and lovely long leaves. Oolong isn’t my most favourite usually as I can find it a bit bitter but this one was a good one. It had a full flavour and was a lovely golden colour. Once brewed it smelt beautifully sweet.

Lastly was the Rohini Enigma which has become my comfort tea. It smelt more like the tea I was used to but with a hint of spice. It was a delicious black tea, very subtle and elegant. I usually take tea with milk but I actually prefered this one without milk.

I was very impressed with July’s box and I will definitely be subscribing to Tea Horse as I think it is an excellent way to try a variety of teas. Each box comes with all the information you need and the website is excellent. It’s very easy to navigate and each box is clearly explained. There is also a shop online if you’d like to purchase tea without subscribing.
Now, I’m off for a cuppa…


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