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Pie Making Tips!

You’re reading my British Pie Week posts so I’m assuming you are a pie lover but do you love baking pies as well as eating them?

I love making pie but I’m not too keen on the pastry part. I find it a bit tedious and quite frankly, my pastry is rubbish! I’ve been in touch with a professional from Clark’s Pies who has provided us with some tips on making the perfect pie. Take note!

“Here at Clark’s Original Pies we¬†are specialists in pie manufacture and if you follow our simple guidelines you too can produce top quality pies
The best pies start with top quality pastry; Clark’s Original Pies make all their pastry from fresh ingredients blended on site. Mixing the ingredients is important, as over mixing can be as much of a problem as undermixing giving resultant problems with texture.
Accompanying the pastry is the filling. Using only the best ingredients, be mindful not to underfill the pie. However¬†overfilling can give other problems. When the pies are heated to the required centre temperature this can cause the filling to boil over and result in a “messy” pie with the filling bubbling out. consistent baking is essential. At Clark’s Original Pies all our pies are baked for the same amount of time which helps us to achieve consistent results. All in all practice makes perfect, and with nearly 100 year of just that under our belts we can definitely say that is the way to achieve successful baking and quality pies”
Freddie Rosoman- Bakery Manager for Clarks Pies.

Freddie Rosoman- Bakery Manager for Clark's Pies

Do you have any tips for making the perfect pie? Please feel free to leave them below.
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