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Bosphorus – Great location, shame about the service…

Guest review by Mr. V

All by itself on its own strand of pier, the glass clad restaurant sits at its prominent location jutting out from the rest of the forage of restaurants and welcomes any onlooker. After many a time of wandering by and saying ‘we should go there someday’, finally, last week, we did and went along for a taste of what the Bosphorus has to offer.

It was a Monday night so we weren’t expecting it to be particularly busy, but then on the other hand we were also hoping it wasn’t going to be empty. Sadly it was, although 3 more people did arrive shortly afterwards. But as soon as we sat down the speakers came to life and we were treated to some essential Turkish music.

The interior is very nice – all three sides fully flanked with glass facing the sea and a nice panoramic view of the Bay across to Penarth. (At least of the lights as it was dark…) Simple décor, high ceiling and some (rather annoying) flashing lights which I’m hoping were just left up from the Christmas period. But all in all, very pleasant.

On arrival we were greeted, just about, by a rather glum looking waiter who gestured to the whole restaurant implying ‘you really can sit anywhere’. So we took a seat around the corner next to the glass wall.

With the drinks ordered we perused the menu. Our drinks arrived fairly quickly and were accompanied with a bowl of flat bread which is always a nice touch, but with no butter or olive oil, it was a little dry. When we’d come to a decision on what to order, we waited for the waiter. Then we waited a little longer. And then a touch longer, and then finally he came and took our orders. Mrs V went for the stuffed aubergine, and I went for the golden triangles of filo pastry stuffed with feta cheese, spinach, herbs and cheddar cheese. The aubergine was nice but lacked a bit in taste and flavour.

The filo pastries were better, good colour and tasted nice. Both were presented quite simply but looked ok.

Onto the mains and after a rather lengthy wait (even if it was brimming with people it was still a good while) we finally put to rest the rumblings in our stomachs. Mrs V had the marinated swordfish served with salad and lemon butter sauce. Nicely presented on a large plate, the fish tasted good, the salad was a little basic and it would have been nice to have some carbs but all in all, quite a nice dish.

I went for the Kul Basti which is an escallop of lamb with boiled rice and sautéed vegetables. The marinated lamb was very tasty, juicy, tender and well cooked. But the rest was again a little uninspiring and perhaps could have done with a sauce to wetten the dish as a whole. But overall the mains were good enough.

I’m afraid that due to the rather laid service we decided to opt out of ordering a dessert.

The menu on the whole had lots of choice with hot and cold starters and some good vegetarian options. It has a good range in price from £9.95 to £16.75 for the mains and £4.45 to £7.15 for the hot and cold starters.

Overall,  the food was ok but nothing to shout about. The service, especially considering there were only 2 tables occupied including ourselves was desperately slow but also not a single smile. We felt more of an inconvenience, and had the waiter not forced a smile and opened the door for us on our exit they would have received a red spoon for service. The best thing about it however, is the location. I may have not have had such a dim view of the whole experience had the service been friendly and welcoming. It’s a simple thing but makes a big difference. Hopefully the waiter was just having an off day.

My last mouthful was: The marinated escallop of lamb


Atmosphere and decor-

Quality of food-

Diversity of menu-

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