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CUPCAKE WEEK: MONDAY – Vintage CupcakeTutorial With Yes Please Louise

It’s Cupcake Week 2012! To celebrate there will be a cupcake related post every day this week, starting with a tutorial from the very talented Natalie from Yes Please Louise.


Being a huge foodie myself I love reading Nikki @ Your Last Mouthful’s blog and reviews and jumped at the chance to take part in her National Cupcake week special!

In this tutorial I will show you how to make these gorgeous fondant icing covered cupcakes…

Covering cupcakes with fondant icing is a great, elegant and neat way to cover your cupcakes.

It makes wedding cupcakes look that little bit more special, unique and a lot easier to create than you may think!

I learnt how to decorate cupcakes by watching YouTube Video’s, reading lots of books and searching for online tutorials!

After trying lots of different methods I believe this is the easiest.

As they say ”practice makes perfect”!

This is my first tutorial and had so much fun doing it… I really hope it helps you create some gorgeous cupcakes!

Many Thanks to Eleanor for the lovely photo’s and capturing all the steps beautifully! Please also check out her lovely work at and or

Here goes….

How to Cover Cupcakes with Fondant Icing

Step 1

Add a generous mountain of buttercream to the middle of the cupcake, leaving a small gap around the edge from the cupcake case.

I always make my buttercream with a little extra icing sugar and added milk or water, so its nice and thick and holds it’s shape better.

Step 2

Dust your surface with a little icing sugar if you don’t have a non-stick board. Roll out your icing to around a 1/4 inch thickness.

Using a circular cutter (I use a 7cm circle cutter for a large muffin case cupcake) cut out your circle.

Step 3

Place your circle of fondant icing on top of the buttercream centrally.

Step 4

With your fingers smooth/stretch the icing down to the edges of the cupcake case (do not over lap the case) slowly and gently making sure not to tear the fondant icing. Try not to put too much pressure on the top of the cupcake as the buttercream may squish out of the sides! Make sure there are no gaps all around the edge of the cupcake.

Step 5

Smooth all over the fondant icing with the palm of your hand to make a neat even dome shape.

Now you are ready to decorate!

How to Make Fondant Icing Bows

Step 1

Roll out your fondant icing and cut a thick strip and thin strip.

The thick strip will be your bow so have the bow size you would like in mind when cutting.

Step 2

With the Thick strip of icing fold the edges into the middle and press the middle down so they stick together.

Step 3

Pinch the centre of the folded fondant icing to make a bow shape.

Step 4

With the thin part of the icing wrap it around the middle hiding the join and pinch the edges to stick. Turn over so the joins are hidden.

Step 5

Add another strip of icing to your cupcake if desired and place the bow on top. To secure the icing you can brush a tiny bit of water to the icing first to make it sticky.

How to Make a Petal Paste Ruffle Flower

You can get Petal Paste from any cake supply shop, it is different to fondant icing as it dries hard. So remember to work quickly with it and wrap any you are not using tightly in cling film to stop it drying out!

Step 1

Start by rolling balls with your Petal Paste icing. These will be the centre of your flowers. Put them aside.

Step 2

Roll out your petal paste and cut out four different size circles. I’m using a 6/5/4.5/3.5 cm circle cutters.

Step 3

Put your circles onto a foam pad and thin out/frill the edges with a ball tool. (if you don’t have a foam pad or ball tool you can use a surface dusted in icing sugar and roll the end of a cocktail stick around the edge of the circle for a similar effect)

Step 4

Place the ruffled circles on top of each other (largest on bottom/smallest on top). Use a tiny brush of water on each layer to stick them together.

Step 5

Use your ball tool to push the middle together (gently! don’t push the ball tool straight through!).

Place one of your petal paste balls into the centre of the flower and allow to dry for an hour or so until it holds it’s shape.

Step 6

Then place your flower onto of your already covered cupcake. Again attach with a tiny bit of water if necessary.

How to Make Small Petal Paste Flowers

Step 1

Roll out your petal paste and cut out your small flowers with your choice of cutters.

Step 2

Place your flowers onto a foam pad and gently thin/frill them with a ball tool.

Step 3

Put the flowers onto a curved foam drying pad (this will make the petals dry curved not flat) you can find these at most packaging suppliers (you could also use an empty egg box). Mix and match your flowers as desired and add middles if you like! Leave to dry.

Step 4

Decorate your cupcake with the flowers. Using a tiny brush of water to stick them if necessary.

I really hope this has inspired you to give this a go…. Please feel free to post a picture of your creations on my facebook page, I would love to see them!

If you have any questions or need any help in creating these cupcakes from my tutorial please don’t hesitate to contact me. You can contact me via my website  and Facebook  or Twitter @yespleaselouise. Make sure you ‘like’ and ‘follow’ me to see my creations and get updates on tutorials and offers in future!

Natalie 🙂

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