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The Wharf- Perfect for a drink in the sun

I live very close to the city centre so I have no end of places to go if I’m feeling peckish! However, sometimes, I wish I had a local that I could pop to for a drink and a bite to eat but unfortunately I don’t. The Wharf is the closest thing I have to a local (even though it isn’t actually that local!)

I like the Wharf because it has lots of outside space. When the sun is out, its lovely sitting there surrounded by the water. There are ample tables and chairs and they are well spaced so you don’t feel like you’re sitting on top of each other.

The pub itself is a very good size. I like to interior with its laid back wooded tables and chairs although it is very dark in there so I prefer to sit outside if possible.

The wharf have lots of innovative ideas to pull in customers. On my last visit, there was a regatta on the river and the Wharf was packed with a very inviting BBQ going, sending out its delicious smells. There is also a very good pub quiz on a Tuesday and a Sunday and a function room that you can hire for free.

I usually just pop to the Wharf for a drink or the quiz but last week, some friends and I went along for a spot of lunch. It was a bit drizzly so we sat inside. It was quite busy but we managed to find ourselves a table near the bar. Two of us ordered chicken fajitas and my other friend ordered a chicken burger. Food came quickly and we tucked in. I was surprised to see that my fajitas came with chips. In fact I had quite a bizarre combination of food. My rather large plate was packed with chips and salad and the fajita filling (chicken onions and peppers) with three little pots containing guacamole, sour cream and BBQ sauce. The fajita wraps were folded and haphazardly flopped on top of the rest of the food.

I thought that the BBQ sauce was a strange addition and it was very difficult to assemble the fajitas with no room on the plate to balance them. Fajitas usually come with the filling on one plate and the wraps on another which makes much more sense to me. Presentation aside, the food wasn’t bad although the sauce that the filling was in was very thick and sticky and not the flavours I would have expected. I couldn’t eat everything and I thought that wraps with chips was a bit of a carb overkill.

My friend’s chicken burger wasn’t what she was expecting either. It was a chicken breast in a bun. She could have had cajun or tandoori flavouring but she chose plain. I’m sure one of the other two options would have been more flavoursome but we were expecting slightly more to her ‘plain’ option. It was very bland.

There was certainly nothing wrong with the food. We all ate our meals but I have had better. As bar food goes, it is better than most chains like Whetherspoons but I it just didn’t quite do it for me. If you’re already there for a drink, I certainly wouldn’t leave to go somewhere else for food but I wouldn’t go there especially with food in mind. I would love to give the Wharf a positive review in terms of the food because it’s a lovely place. It has a nice atmosphere when busy and a great range of choices on the menu but I think in the future I will be more likely to go for a drink than a meal. It has been awarded an orange spoon because it scored highly on other aspects but unfortunately, the food could be better.

My last mouthful was: Fajitas with sour cream and guacamole


Atmosphere and decor

Quality of food

Diversity of menu

Value for money


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