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National Cupcake Week: Emma-Jane and the Cupcake Factory

Monday 17th September until Sunday 23rd September is National Cupcake Week!  To celebrate Emma Jane’s Cupcake Kitchen have gone all out with a Willy Wonka inspired ‘Emma Jane and the Cupcake Factory’ theme. To get the week off to a good start, they will be open on the Monday 10am – 6pm as well as their usual opening hours. There will be free samples and all flavours will be the Cupcake of the day (Only £1.50 each!)

Don’t miss the amazing Wonka window display complete with chocolate butter cream river and cupcake tree, it really is worth a look! Emma Jane has also created 4 NEW Flavours, Everlasting Gobstopper, Blueberry, Fizzy lifting Cola and Fudge Mallow delight.

Everlasting Gobstopper is a blue bubblegum flavoured sponge and pink bubblegum frosting topped with a mini gobstopper! (Not suitable for small children)

Blueberry is a delicious sponge full of fresh blueberries and blueberry frosting topped with real blueberries

Fizzy lifting Cola is a cola flavoured cupcake, both sponge and frosting, and is decorated with popping candy and fizzy cola bottle

Fudge Mallow delight is a fudge and marshmallow sponge and marshmallow frosting topped with fudge pieces, a marshmallow and fudge sauce!

Best of all, there will be a Golden Ticket Raffle each day. Every customer that makes a purchase will be given a raffle ticket and entered into our free prize draw. The draw will be held every evening and the lucky winner will get a Box of 6 cupcakes!

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