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To The Door- February

Jordan’s Cereal

Thanks to the kind people at Performics I have been sampling some Jordan’s Granola and Absolute Nut Bars.  I am already a fan of Jordan’s and often buy their granola but I had never tried this particular variety- Super Fruity.

It was packed full of raspberries, redcurrents and pomegranate and the tart flavours worked very well with the sweet taste of the honied oats. For me this is an excellent flavour combination.

I also enjoyed the Absolute Nut Bars. As a snack these were filling and packed full of nuts and soft oats. The best thing about them was the fact that they had whole almonds in them so you could really taste them and got a good crunch in contrast with the oats.


Sweet Mandarin Sauce

I was sent three dipping sauces from Sweet Mandarin; Sweet and Sour, Sweet Chilli and Barbeque. Sweet Mandarin have recently launched in Sainsburys. All are very nice and are gluten free which appealed to me. I wanted to try them because I am often left wanting with gluten free products but these were very good and I wouldn’t have guessed they were gluten free.

I was sent some recipe cards with the sauces which I didn’t get around to trying, I prefer to make my own recipes but I did make a very nice salmon dish with the sweet chilli sauce (which is my favourite) and I used the barbeque sauce on ribs which worked very nicely.

I was also sent some cocktail recipes. If you like a Bloody Mary, you might be interested in the Bloody Barbeque Mary:

2 part vodka

2 part tomato juice

1 part Sweet Mandarin Barbeque Sauce.

Pour into a cocktail shaker with ice and serve.

If you try this I’d be interested to know what you think.

Sweet Mandarin

Rapeseed oil

After a Twitter conversation about rapeseed oil being used as a substitute for ghee, Mr Hughs were kind enough to send me some of their rapeseed oil to try. I am in fact already a convert. I love the nutty flavour of this oil and it really does work very nicely in place of ghee. I also use it in place of olive oil because I love the flavours in cooking and drizzled over a dish to finish it off.

Rapeseed Oil

Rachel’s Rhubarb and Strawberry yogurt

Fat free but not lacking in flavour, this Rachel’s Organic yogurt had plenty of chunks of fruit running through its usual creamy texture. Obviously it isn’t as thick and creamy as the full fat version but for a low fat yogurt, it was very good and one that I would buy in future. The flavours worked very well together with the strawberry taming the tartness of the rhubarb.

Rachel's yogurt

Love Pickle

Another Twitter conversation led to the arrival of a jar of Premium Chilli Tomato Pickle by Love Pickle. It is available in different variations of heat and I asked for extra hot. Aside from liking things spicy, I asked for extra hot because so often I am disappointed with products when they are described as ‘hot’ and in fact turn out to be relatively mild.

I’m pleased to say, this pickle was extra hot. It has a lovely bitter savoury taste reminiscent of the traditional lime pickle enjoyed as part of Indian food. The flavours were excellent with a fine texture. I enjoyed this with poppadoms and with some cheese and biscuits.

Love pickle

Thanks to everyone who sent me products this month. It is much appreciated.

Rachel’s Organic Strawberries And Cream Yogurt- Perfect For Summer

Summer has been pretty poor this year, I’m sure you’ll all agree. My miserable pale skin hasn’t really seen the light of day and I can’t really see much changing anytime soon. When we can’t experience the summer sun, thankfully, we can still eat summer food and what says summer more than strawberries and cream?

Rachel’s Organic are the producers of some of my favourite yogurt and to my delight, they often send me some samples to try. You can read my previous review which includes a recipe and my thoughts on some products I have been sent including the delicious Greek Style Coconut Yogurt. On this occasion, amongst other products I have already reviewed, I was sent the Limited Edition Strawberries and Cream bio-live yogurt.

Rachel’s yogurt is always deliciously creamy but this one was more so than any of the others I’ve tasted. It was so thick and creamy, it was somewhere between a custard and a yogurt and was generously interspersed with large chunks of sweet strawberries. I have to say that I wasn’t overly excited about a strawberry yogurt and would usually consider it to be one of the more mundane options but this one was delicious and I would definitely buy it again.

My ratings are based on this product and the others I have sampled in my previous review.

Service- Doesn’t apply, available in most supermarkets


Quality of product-

Diversity of products-

Value for money-

Overall rating-

Rachel’s Organic- More than just yogurts.

As you may know from a previous review, I am quite a fan of Rachel’s Organic yogurts. In fact, they are have become a staple in my supermarket trolley. With a great variety of flavours and special added regularly, I can’t fault them.

A few weeks ago, I had a delivery of Rachel’s Organic products to try and a list of recipes to go with them. Now as I’ve said, I’m a fan of the yogurts and when I think Rachel’s, I think yogurts but they do in fact offer a wider variety of dairy products than that including rice pudding, creme fraiche, milk and butter.

Working my way through the box of goodies I received, I started with the limited addition Pineapple, Coconut and Banana wholemilk yogurt. This was a hit with me. I love coconut and banana and the pineapple gave the yogurt a nice sweetness that complimented the other two flavours well without it being too overpowering. The yogurt was a nice consistency and went well with a bowl of fruit.

There was also a low fat yogurt option included in the box- Mango, Pineapple and Passion Fruit. This one was also very nice and even though it was low fat, in terms of consistency, it didn’t differ much from the wholemilk yogurt so in future I would definitely go for the low fat option.

My favourite vareity of Rachel’s Organic yogurts are the Greek Style ones. They are seriously good! Creamy, thick and full of flavour- yum! Luckily for me, I was sent two varieties on this occasion, Natural and Honey. The Natural is very good and can be used in many recipes as well as on its own or on cereal (which is what I have most mornings). The Honey variety is nice but for me, I would rather by the Natural and put a spoonful of honey in it if I feel like something sweet.

I didn’t get sent any on this occasion but my absolute favourite Rachel’s Organic yogurt is the Greek Style Coconut. It is absolutely beautiful! Not only is it thick and creamy but it is packed full of coconut, just making it thicker still. The only problem is that I will literally eat the whole pot in one sitting if I’m not careful. I also really like the Greek Style Ginger yogurt with real chunks of sweet ginger. It started off as a special edition but due to its popularity it is now amongst the stayers.

I tried out some of the recipes Rachel’s sent me to make use of the creme fraiche and butter and I found that many of the recipes used the Greek Style Natural yogurt including a recipe for Dauphinoise Potatoes which Mr V used to create his salmon dish below. If you’d like the recipe, please get in touch. Rachel’s also have lots of recipes on their website.

Mr V's creation using Rachel's Greek Style Natural yogurt

My last Mouthful was: The Greek Style Natural Yogurt



Quality of products-

Variety of products-

Value for money-

Overal rating-

Rachel’s Organic- Seriously good yogurt!

Last week, I was sent a giant box of yogurts and dairy products from Rachel’s Organic! I get very excited when I’m sent free products to try and I am already a fan of Rachel’s yogurts so that made it even more appealing.

As I said, I already like these products and buy them quite regularly but I hadn’t tried any of the ones that I received but I certainly will be putting some of them into my trolley from now on!

My favourite by far was the Coconut Greek Style Yogurt. It was absolutely delicious and I can’t believe I haven’t noticed on the shelf in Sainsbury’s before now. It is just so thick and creamy but also packed full with coconut. Not just coconut flavouring either, real coconut. I know it sounds like I’m making a bit of a fuss over a yogurt but this one is genuinely delicious.

I also enjoyed the rice puddings, particularly the toffee one. They are really creamy and so much nicer than a Muller Rice. The other yogurts were all nice too. I was excited about the Apple and Elderflower one as I love Elderflower and it was low-fat but I didn’t think you could really taste it. It was a lovely yogurt in general though. Not at all watery and thin like low-fat yogurt often can be. This is why I was already a fan.

Overall, I think Rachel’s Organic are an excellent choice for yogurt. They are little more expensive than most but you can usually find an offer on in most supermarkets. I am definitely prepared to pay a bit more for the coconut one!

Rachel’s organic are based in Wales and their products are in all major supermarkets so give them a try Cardiff folk!

My last mouthful was: Coconut Greek Style Yogurt

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